How To Build The Nueral Pathways In Your Brain

Have you ever heard people talk about how learning guitar builds
neural pathways in the brain? What does this mean? And how can you
train your brain to develop these new neural pathways to work for
Well first let's uncover what these new pathways actually look like.

Have you ever had those moments when you really struggle with
something but you take a break and come back in 5 minutes and it's
as easy as cake?
That's the new pathways building in your brain.
Or if you've ever done a repetitive task for a long period of time, have
you noticed that the more you do it the worse you get?
Just like a car it is very much possible to gas out these neurons.

That's the line you want to ride when playing music. When you play a
song you are accessing these neural pathways in short focused
burts. So you want these pathways to be as tight as possible right?
Yes, you do.

So, naturally, you want to practice the same way you play: by
exercising new and existing pathways in short targeted bursts.

The way we do this is by targeting these neural pathways and
focusing on them for a small but extended period of time, enough to
stretch your brain’s abilities for a few short moments, but not enough
to gas out. This allows the neurons to recharge and snap back in a
tight congruent fashion.
It looks something like this:

The total practice time here should be 20 mins,
Which means were going to repeat this cycle 3 times
For Example your practice schedule may look something like this:

For the second and third runs you may choose to use a different lick
or riff as your main targeted focus, That's okay.
The point here is NOT to practice to always get it RIGHT

Now I want you to make your own short practice regiment:

Take a small Riff or lick that you've been struggling with and
we'll call it Set A
Find the speed at which you can play the set with the most
comfort without messing up at least 8 out of 10 times, bump it
up 10bpm then count the number of mistakes you make and
write it down next to set A

This is important!

Take a deep breath, take your hands OFF of your guitar for 30
The neural pathways will not reset in your brain unless you
allow them to rest!

Now take any scale or arpegio that you can play EASILY and
almost MINDLESSLY and play it for 2 mins. Well call this set
Now take a deep breath, take your hands OFF of your guitar
for 30 seconds
Back to set A for 5 min

30 second Break

Now take any rhythm part or melody you know and can once
again play EASILY and almost MINDLESSLY for 2 min this is
set C

30 second break

Back to set A

Now take any set of chords you may know or are practicing
and play them repeatedly for 1 min. This is Set D

Congratulations you've completed your first set!

Now look back at the number of mistakes you made during
each cycle run through for set A and if you ran through it
correctly you should be able to see an improvement!

Let me remind you once again:

Amateurs practice to always get it RIGHT
Pros practice to NEVER GET IT WRONG

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