3 Things You Can Do To Make It Easier To Learn How To Play Guitar

By Maurice Richard

Learning how to play guitar is on most people's bucket lists. And why not! It has to be the most popular instrument in our culture.

It's a versatile instrument and can be used to play most styles. It is also incredibly portable – especially if you have an acoustic guitar. And guitars are relatively inexpensive.

That's a pretty good list and I could go on and on about the actual mental and emotional benefits that learning how to play guitar can give to you.

Instead let's talk about the 3 things that you can do to make it easier to learn how to play guitar.

1. Start Learning To Play On An Electric Guitar

If you ask ten guitar players which guitar you should start to learn on, probably all ten will tell you it's best to start on an acoustic guitar.

That's what they have been told, they probably were able to successfully learn that way too, and so to them, that's the best way.

The problem is they are not likely professionally trained guitar teachers. Just because they were able to overcome a lot of challenges and learn to play on an acoustic guitar does not make it the best way to start.

The reality is that learning on an acoustic guitar is the hardest way to start learning how to play guitar. It is much easier at the beginning to start on an electric guitar.

Why? Because electric guitars reduce the physical challenges that come with an acoustic guitar. The body and neck are thinner. The strings are also thinner and closer to the fretboard so they are easy to use and play and make them sound good.

2. Practice Your Guitar Daily

This is a big factor in your success to learning how to play guitar.

Most people today are very busy. There is always something to do in our society, especially if you have a family. 

Daily consistent action is the best way to learn something. The obvious reason is because you are training your skills daily. The not so obvious one is that it created a habit.

Depending on willpower to practice makes it less likely you will do it. So, developing a daily habit will help make this much easier. When it becomes something you do every day no matter what, you will progress much faster.

Quick tip in this area. You do not have to practice for 1 hour every day to progress. It also does not have to be 1 hour straight. You can break your sessions into smaller blocks throughout the day.

The main thing is to touch the guitar daily and work those muscles and maintain the callouses. 

3. Get A Professionally Trained Guitar Teacher

When I say professionally trained I don’t mean that they went to University to study guitar and get a music degree. That is great to have but it does not train a person to teach the material.

What I mean is for you to find a teacher who has been trained how to teach actual people how to learn to play guitar. This is very important. And it is even better if they are trained how to teach guitar specifically.

The reason for this is that guitar is not an easy instrument to learn. There are many challenges to overcome. If your guitar teacher is not aware of these things they will make it harder for you to be successful.

A professionally trained guitar teacher knows exactly what you need to know and when. They know the correct order to teach skills and will make sure you learn them at the right time.

This will help you be successful and make it a lot more fun along the way.

The Most Important Choice You Can Make When Learning How To Play Guitar

The most important of all those three, by far, is to get a trained guitar teacher. 

That's because they can actually help you to learn how to play guitar even if you do not start on an electric or if you do not have a lot time to practice daily.

Professionally trained guitar teachers will have learned techniques and strategies that will help overcome the added challenges those things can bring when learning how to play guitar.

This type of guitar teacher will develop a plan specifically for you and help you reach your guitar playing goals.

They are usually more expensive but, when it comes to learning guitar, you get what you pay for. So do not skimp and get the best teacher you can find.

About The Author:

Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has helped make it easier for many people to learn how to play guitar.

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