What Is your biggest musical goal right now?

Have you ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed by music?

Do you sometimes feel like you're just not progressing as fast as you want to?

Are you stuck playing the same licks and fighting really hard just to make tiny improvements?

If you struggle on guitar you're NOT alone! I spent many of my highschool years trying to play in bands, get gigs, and even make my own band work. I played in marching bands, rock bands, and even a couple of the local bars. I met plenty of other guitarists just like myself, and I even met a handful that blew me out of the water with their playing skills, but even with skills far beyond my own, just like me, they were still stuck.

Millions of people just like you want to bring their musical dreams to life but VERY few of them make it, Why is that? Is it because they're not talented?

Is it because they just didn't work hard enough?


There are plenty of guitarists out there working just as hard as the pros if not HARDER. But they're going nowhere.

So why, with all these skills and hard work, aren't they making it in the music industry?

Because they don't have the right Strategies!

Having the right plan of attack is one of the most INTEGRAL parts of becoming a great guitar player and unfortunately I have to say, it took me a little too long to realize that, doing things just like everyone else, wasn't gonna take me very far. If you're like me you've probably tried everything under the sun from guitar books to spending countless hours on youtube only to end up in the same old rut

At first I thought maybe working with a guitar teacher would help, after all finding someone with good knowledge of the music industry is a hell of a lot easier than trying to learn from guitar books and CD's especially considering that neither books nor CD's can really answer your questions when you really need them to. HOWEVER, Traditional guitar teachers quite often teach just like school teachers with weekly lesson packages and homework and well, that just doesn't work for me. I want to become a guitar playing badass. Blues drills and fretboard memorization homework wern't gonna get me there.

So with Mile High Elite Guitar Lessons we threw traditional learning out the window and chose to focus on the students not the lessons.
The first step involves a free evaluation session where we get down to the core of your problems  by discovering what your biggest challenges are, what challenges you have faced in your musical growth before and what your ultimate goals are.
Using this bottom-up approach allows us to create a program that is custom tailored to your growth so that we can lazor focus on your biggest frustrations and turn them into your biggest strengths! and build a road map for YOU to conquer your goals and reach success!

Are You Ready To Try A NEW Kind Of Guitar Class?

Our Commitment Is to You And Your Growth

Which is why we work with other teachers who’ve been trained through the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle programme around the world.

At Mile High Elite Guitar Lessons we teach you in revolutionary new ways for you to learn MUCH faster than any other music lessons combined and with much less stress.

We are constantly developing new programs and designing amazing new resources which we offer to you FOR FREE

You'll have the ability to personally ask me any questions you have face to face and as a member of an Elite Guitar Teacher training program, I personally guarantee that you will always get the best answer to even your biggest challenges. 

When you want to build a rocket you call a Rocket Scientist, 

When you want to become an Elite Guitar Player you go to an ELITE Guitar Teacher

So Don't Wait Any Longer!

Free Stuff!

What do we actually do here? Try out some bite-sized lessons as a free taste of some of the amazing lessons we study here!

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